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Two Person Multiple Shot                                                        July 22

  • Players may pick their own teams.
    • Singles are encouraged to signup and we will try to match you with a partner.  The last unmatched single on the signup sheet may run into the possibility of not having a partner and thus, be unable to play.
  • Tees:
    • Men play from red tees. 
    • Women play from gold  tees.
  • Tournament Format:
    • 18 Hole stroke play
    • The first 6 holes will be a 2 person scramble
    • Between both players, playing the best shot
    • The second 6 holes will be a 2 person better ball
    • The best net score between team members at the end of each hole will be recorded for the team score.
    • The final 6 holes will be a 2 person alternate shot
    • By alternating shots between team members, the total score will be recorded for the team score.
    • Team members alternate tee shots, no matter which member finished the previous hole.
  • Ties shall be resolved using USGA recommended match of cards procedure.
  • Handicaps:  The appropriate formula will be used for each format.
    • Scramble Hcp:  (50% of lower hcp + 25% of higher hcp) / 3
    • Better Ball Hcp:  Players will get strokes on holes they would have normally gotten at 85% of course hcp.
    • Alternate Shot Hcp:  Computed by adding 100% of the course handicaps of both players and then dividing by 2 (and again by 3)
  • Prizes:
    • $100 to Winning Team
    • $  50 to 2nd Place Team
    • a Gross payout may be added (per membership levels)

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