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Tournament Notes

1.Tournament Committee

  • All tournaments and qualifiers in this document are conducted under the terms and conditions set forth by the HBHGA Tournament Committee.


  • Registration is required for all tournaments.
  • Sign-up sheets will be posted on the HBHGA Board in the clubhouse at least one month prior to the start of every tournament.
  • Competitors must register 7 days prior to the start of all tournaments.
  • Dues paying members of the High Bridge Hills Golf Association are eligible for all tournaments

3.Tournament Tee Times

  • The Tournament Committee will arrange for tee times for all competitors based on the number of registrants.
  • Competitors must play at the times assigned by the Committee.
  • In match play events:
  • The Committee will allow exceptions to playing in the designated times, provided all competitors involved in the match agree to a different time and the match is concluded before the next round of matches in the tournament begin. When competitors agree to play at times different from those established by the Committee, it is their responsibility to notify Course Administration that they will not be using the tee times obtained by the Committee.
  • Final matches shall be completed by the final Tournament date, unless all competitors involved agree upon alterations in each match.
  • The Committee will attempt to procure tee times between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. EDT on the days of competition.
  • A modified shotgun will be attempted for the Opener & Closer. Approximate start time will be 7:30 a.m.
  • Competitor tee times will be posted on the HBHGA web site and the Course Administration computer by the Thursday immediately preceding every event.  (

4.Entry Fees

  • The $95 membership fee covers all tournaments for the year.
  • To cover lunch, there is an additional $15 fee for Opener and Closer. 
  • Greens fees are not included and are the responsibility of each player.


·Prize values stated in this document are based on an expected annual membership of 40 golfers.  Actual prize values and number of positions paid may vary based on our actual membership numbers and tournament participation.

  • Payouts will be in HBHGA gift certificates.

6.Multiple Position Wins

  • Any individual or team winning two positions in a single tournament will be awarded the greater prize, but they cannot win both prizes. Gross winner is usually awarded first.  The remaining positions are divided among the next best scores and the same option is presented if ties are involved.

7.Handicap Determination

  • When feasible, the latest handicap revision before the tournament will be used.  If not, we will use the handicaps as of the signup deadline.
  • When handicaps are used, they shall be the competitor’s USGA “Course Handicap” from the specified tees, based on the player’s gender and USGA Handicap Index at the time of the sign up deadline.
  • Exception – If Club House or GHIN computers are down and not accessible, the closest recorded handicap index before the sign up deadline will be used.
  • Per USGA Handicap Rules, handicaps will be capped at the maximum handicap index of 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women.
  • Since the adoption of handicapped tee boxes, the following rule will take affect when designated tee boxes are presented:
  • USGA Handicap System Section 3, rule 3-5, paragraph a.
  • Different Tees: Men vs. Men; Women vs. Women; Women vs. Men
  • Different tees usually have different USGA course ratings. Because course ratings reflect the probable scores of scratch golfers, the higher rated course is more difficult, and the player playing from the set of tees with the higher USGA course rating receives additional strokes equal to the difference between the course ratings, with .5 or greater rounded upward.
  • Example: “If men playing from the middle tees where the men’s USGA course rating is 70.3 compete against men playing from the back tees where the men’s USGA course rating is 72.6, the men playing from the back tees will add two strokes (72.6 – 70.3 = 2.3 rounded to 2 strokes) to their course handicaps.”
  • The same applies to Women vs. Women and Women vs. Men

8. Match of Cards Procedure

  • When indicated, ties will be resolved using USGA match of cards procedure.
  • The winner will be determined first from the better total score of the last 9 holes played, the last 6 holes played, and the last 3 holes played, respectively.
  • If there is still a tie, the last hole played will be the deciding factor.
  • If a tie still exists, the tournament committee coordinators for that particular tournament will make a final decision as how to resolve the tie.
  • For shotgun events, where teams/players start off on different holes, the tournament committee will declare which 9 holes are the tie break holes.
  • 2 day tournaments will start the tie breaker with the last 18 holes played.
  • Handicaps will be applied to playoff holes as allocated per tournament rules.

9. Handicap Hole Allocation

The tournament committee acting under Rule 33-4 imposes the following changes to the holes that handicap strokes are given:
For Women playing from the Red or White tees, the following holes will be the handicap holes:
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Women's Hcp 13 7 1 15 3 17 11 9 5 16 14 18 8 12 6 4 10 2
Each player takes strokes according to Handicap Rule 9-3a:
“In mixed competitions where each player plays his own ball and where allocations are different for men and women, the players receive strokes based on their respective stroke allocations.”

10.  Tournament Player of the Year

The tournament player of the year for the HBHGA association will be determined by a point system.  Points for each of the tournaments will be awarded as follows:
Place Stroke Play Match Play
1st 100 100
2nd 87.5 87.5
3rd 75 75
4th 62.5 62.5
5th 50 31.25
6th 37.5 31.25
7th 25 31.25
8th 12.5 31.25
9th and above 5 5
  • Team events will split points evenly with all team members.
  • Ties will be broken as outlined in the tournament descriptions.  If that is not feasible, ties will be awarded the average points of the tied positions.
  • Each flight of the President’s Cup will be awarded full points. 
  • Tournaments that award 2 divisions (such as net and gross) will have the points split evenly between the two divisions (ie 50 pts per division). Unlike the money, you can win points in both divisions.
  • Individual events that have less than 10 participants will have the points scaled down proportionally.  For example, if we only have 7 participants, we will award 70% of the above points.  If we only have 4, we will award 40% of the above points, etc… This does not apply to team events.

11.  Slow Play

Slow play is an issue for all golfers.  The association has a vested interest in maintaining pace of play for all of our tournaments.   We get early tee times on the basis that we make sure to set a good pace for the golf course.  If we can’t maintain pace of play, we may endanger our relationship with the course.
We define slow play as playing significantly behind pace with 1 or more open holes in front of you.
Here are some guidelines to help you play faster:
  • Look for your ball first.  If feasible (and allowable in the tournament format) you can play your shot and then go help search for others.
  • Play a provisional ball when in doubt as to where your ball has come to rest.  Make sure you follow the provisional rules, esp. when dealing with a hazard. (Rule 27-2)
  • Keep others on pace.  Encourage people in your group to keep on pace.  Allow others to play through when you are behind.
  • If you are walking, hop on the back of a cart in between holes or after tee shots to close the gap with the group in front.
Players that don’t abide by the slow play guidelines:
  • 1st offense – receive a warning
  • 2nd offense – 1 stroke penalty
  • 3rd offense – 2 stroke penalty
  • 4th offense – Disqualification
Any player that is frequently flagged for slow play may be barred from future tournaments.  All offenses may be appealed to the tournament committee during or directly after the round.
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